Friday, October 7, 2011


Happy birthday Fareena Ameera
May God bless you more
Goodluck for Costing paper this morning
Hope you'll happy with your love one
This is my present to you
Hope you like it

Today is her birthday
She used to be my best friend before.
But still be my best friend till now i guess
She's adorable and cute too
She's kinda funny person and "gilagila"

I knew her since I was in semester 1
We're in the same college, same course and same batch
I knew her since we're in MMS
She's from Melacca but she can speak Sabah bah :P
She's thin and I quite jealous.

Even we're too busy, we're still hangout together
Fareena, I know I can't be the best for you
But I just want you to know that I always be by your side when you need me
Take care my dear girlfriend.
I love you with all my heart.


1 comment:

ryn said...

aww sumpah terharu. tengs seeeeetheart! i loveee it so much <3
Farihah, i dont want u to be the best. i jus wanna u 2 be urself ! next sem kita hangout same2 lg keh. InsyaAllah. Nina doa, ikatan persahabatan kita TAKAN putus smpai akhir hayat :) even u dah kawen tawwwww ! ngee