Sunday, October 18, 2009


waa my final is just around the corner
and im not ready anything yet !!
but i can't wait to finish my final but im not ready yet !
i was likee oh GOD !!! help me please please please
jadikan laa aku seorang yang genuis dalam sekelip mata je please !
and im really fucking stress out !!

FARIHAH you need to study !! dont be lazy and dont play 24hours !
put away your laptop and your phone and your music !
please farihah
just for this final !!! then u can do watever you like saygs !!
please :)


AuraFIza said...

smangat no nk jwp exam..

bgus la tuh..
g r stadi lek lok..

wish u luck ;)

MizzFarihah said...

tapi pressure kott