Thursday, March 18, 2010

be strong farihah

no matter what happen
no matter what they did to u
no matter if they don't want to be friend with u anymore
no matter how BIG problem u have to face
no matter how pressure are u
remember ALLAH always be there for you
your family and your friends are always be there for u
so be strong farihah ! try to be strong !
i know you can do it my dear !
please !!


Fahana Jamil said...

be strong okey dear;)
sy pn baru je sttle kn prob sy,especially dgn maman n dgn study sy.
hope u can do so.

AuraFIza said...

go baby go!!
Don't give up easily..
Move on! yes..u have to!

Biar orang buat kita, kita takyah buat orang

ika said...

be strong..

"biar org wat kite,jgn kite wat org"

Anonymous said...

hai my dear...
sori if aku mcm xg jmp krunk..
aku syg sgt2 kt krunk smua..
sory for everthing..

MizzFarihah said...

fahana : yup yup. i try to be strong now :) thanx fahana sebab sudi nak jmpe farihah aritu :)

kakya & ikah : yup yup. thanx cousins ! !

shafika : isokay. saya faham kamu bz :) neway thanx sebab lately ni happykan orang :)

really really appreciate it guys ! ty !