Thursday, June 17, 2010

you are my sunshine

Dear Mohd Syazwan

Read these sentences carefully because these sentences come sincerely deep from my heart
I just want you to know that i love love love you so much no matter how
I love the way you treat me
I love the way you speak to me
I love the way you care about me
And one more i love the way you 'menyakat' :)
I love when you sing a song to me before i sleep =) seriously its SooOo sweet okay !
I love everything about you !
You are too kind to me and thanks GOD i have you
I appreciated all the kindness you gave to me
Seriously now i'm too afraid to lose you :(
I hope our relationship will not last forever
From now on, as long as i can breath, i'll try to make you happy
And i'll try to be a good girlfriend too
Thats all i wanna say in this 'love letter'

Love, Nuraini Farihah


Fahana Jamil said...

a new one eh??
harap2 far akan kekal dgn yg ni.
fana doakan far bahagia slalu :)

MizzFarihah said...

haha yup yup la fahana :)
farihah pown harap mcm tu jugak
amiin :)

Shafika Joha said...

OMG..pakwe baru..jelez k..dia dh ad pakwe saya tak de pn lagi..hahaha
ape cerita ahcik..

MizzFarihah said...

shafika : awak kene serlahkan diri awak okay :) keep on serlah2 :P