Friday, June 26, 2009

tag again

the person who tagged you ?


your relationship with her ?

cousin,besties :D

your first impression on her ?

cute kott ade dimple :D

second impression :

hell yeah she's the best

third impression :

baekk !

fourth impression :

easy to laugh

the most memorable moments with her is :

many laa

the most memorable thing she said to you :

muwahh :D

if she becomes ur lover ?

huh? errr :P

if she became lover, what should she improves at ?

hey ikah tinggi sket laa :D

if she becomes ur enemy, what would u do ?

kick her ass LOL

if she became ur enemy, the reason will be ?

she pull my hair [haha]

the most desired thing u want to do .

meet people i miss most :(

ur overall impression on her :

wow she's the best for me

the characteristic u love most about urself :

im crazy but im not insane

the characteristic u hate most about urself :

easy to cry. grr !

the most ideal person u want to be with :

for people who care for and love u, say something to them :
im apreciate that thanx :D

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