Friday, May 7, 2010

tagg !

What is your full name?
Nuraini Farihah Binti Abdullah

When is your birthday?
3rd February 1991

What is your daddy's name?
Abdullah Bin Haji Rashidi

What is your mum's name?
Normala Binti Othman

How many siblings do you have?

Where do you live?

currently at segamat johor

Your favourite colour?
purple, black, white

Still studying?

of course !

Do you have a bestfriend?
i think yes ! haha

Do you love them?

hell yeah baby

chicken or beef?
chicken please

coke or 100 plus?

what brand is your purse?
minnie mouse. ala kebudak2kan gitu :P

how much do you have in your wallet right now?

err aaa uuu ee :P

high heels or flat?
both !

skirts or jeans?

jeans :) no skirts !

shirt or blouse?


watch or bracelet?


favourite watch's brand?
i dont have watch

do you have boyfriend?

did you love him?
stakat ni ye :P

did you ever kiss him?
huh ?

facebook or myspace?
facebook !

what is your dream?
nak dapat 4.00 tok this sem dan sem2 seterusnya :)

please tagged other 10 friends of yours
Y O U !

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