Friday, February 25, 2011

TEST - ing Y_Y

Tomorrow, im gonna sit for my test(S). Should I say TWO test are on Saturday and another ONE is on Sunday and another ONE is on this upcoming Tuesday. Berderet kan ? Best gilaaa ouhh. Terima kasih kepada tukang susun jadual. Anda memang TERBAIKKK !!! (Menci you !)

Seriously I have not prepared anything yet. Just redha jelaa. Tapi sekurang kurangnya aku reti laa nak jawab semua soalan tu. Cuma aku tak berapa nak hafal transaction dia je. So hopefully malam ni aku sempat lah nak menghafal segalanya.

Ouhh God please be nice to me. Ouh test paper please be nice to me too. Ouhh my lovely beautiful gorgeous muah muah lecturer please give me an A+++ in my test. Please please please dont be too strict in marking yahh. Begging, begging youuuuuu *begging song* :D

And to all my family, my friends, my enemy and those who know me please pray for my success. Kebaikan anda amatlah dihargai (SANGAT OKAY !!). A very zillions thank to all of you. Kamsamida. Arigato go zaimas. Thank you. Toce toce. Terima kasih.



MissAisyah said...

test sy laaagi berderet. :P

chillax je.
yg penting dapat score.

FarihahLicious said...

haha yeahhhh

Khuzz said...

Hahahhaaaa.. selamat bertest...

FarihahLicious said...

terima kasih ^^